About Us

We are a software development services company now ready to start developing your next masterpiece on web!

Technology is just a means, we have diverse skill sets making us a powerful pack. Thus far we have developed several products on cloud including Document management software and Commercial real estate asset management software. To name a few core technical skills:

Product Development

Expert web developers at Novaders will develop your ideas into amazing profitable product lines.

Data Analytics

Novaders can serve all your data and analytics including Data Fusion, Data Visualization, Machine Learning driven Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Document Workflow

Novaders has built easily configurable document management product for managing and collaborating any type of unstructured documents

Count on us to create a beautiful web application for the world to experience

While you focus on your core, allow us to amaze you.



Document management that will drive your business process and fuel best practices, compliance and scale.



Next Generation Smart Attendance Marking System with Geo Location. Just Start Clicking Selfie To Mark Your Attendance!


Data science is in our DNA and visualization is our freedom of expression

Allow us to investigate your complex problems through our expertise in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

A Web Application, Mobile App Development startup like no other

Watch a team of ingenious tech minds amaze you with their craftsmanship bringing your dream app into reality.

Develop a document management that will drive your business process and fuel best practices, compliance and scale.

See your workflow evolve and in action in weeks

Share files and documents with anyone from any device on a secured platform. Save large sized files in the cloud and share them just by sending the link via email. Get notifications whenever someone views the files you’ve shared.

Collaboration taken to the next level. With DigiDocx you can keep your team on the same page from different locations in a secured work environment. You can customize the security levels to access the files as per your requirement. With the Versioning capabilities feature you can keep track of all the edited versions of the files and documents.

DigiDocx is Oauth 2.0 Compliance. All your data is secured and regularly backed up. You can selectively grant the access to download the files and upload the edited versions of the files. You can set multiple layers of security levels to secure your data by granting limited access to the selective files or folders. In simple words “You are in control”.

Save unlimited file size and unrestricted file types like large sized videos, music, photos, and documents. You don’t have to worry about losing your data as they are regularly backed up. You can set reminders on your important documents. You can also share a part of your cloud space with your business associates.

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Innovative attendance platform for time, location & attendance tracking for your team.
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